How did a 62-year-old mother
understand what a native speaker was saying in just 30 days?

Do you have any of these problems?
too fast to
keep up with the speed
I can pick up the words, but
I can't understand the whole thing
While I'm thinking in Japanese,
I'm moving on to the next
One of the English skills is
It is a skill that is tested in school exams, and if you want to speak English, it is a skill that you should definitely acquire.

A long time ago, there were educational materials on the market that said, ``You
can improve your listening skills just by listening,'' but in the end, their effectiveness was questionable.

From the point of view of brain science, only infants can benefit from such "listening", and the benefits diminish with age.

As adults, we cannot learn English by listening.

We Japanese
are given the opportunity to study English for 6 years from middle school to high school.
But why is my listening ability still low?

"Because you haven't showered with English?" " Because you 're not used
to native English ?" However, this is only superficial. If you want to train your listening skills, you need to focus on the more fundamental part. This is exactly what you need to improve your listening skills .

5 skills you will learn in this course

Ability to know a lot of words and use them correctly
Abundant knowledge of grammar and the ability to use it correctly
collocation ability
Ability to know and use
collocations where two or more words are connected
sound distinction
Knowing the characteristics of English pronunciation,
ability to discern
english brain
Without first translating English into Japanese,
Ability to recognize and understand English

for example··

My coworker got rid of the bag because it had lice in it.

  • co-worker = colleague
    ▶︎I can understand because I have vocabulary

    How to use "because"
    ▶︎I can understand because I have good grammar

    get rid of = to dispose
    ▶︎I can understand because I have collocation skills

    The difference between the sounds of lice and rice
    ▶︎the ability to distinguish between soundsI can understand because I have

  • Because each "power"
    is exerted in a well-balanced manner,
    I can hear and understand!

If you hear "apple"...

  • =The image of the Japanese word “apple” in my head
    ▶︎I have lost time because I have translated it into Japanese

    =I have an image of a red, sweet fruit🍎
    ▶︎︎I am thinking of apple itself directly without translating it into Japanese
    ▶︎English brain

  • I don't have time to translate into Japanese, so
    I can process the English sentences quickly in my head!

    This is the English brain!
We have created a teaching material
that can train these "five pillars" in "only 60 days"!

Improving your listening skills

improve pronunciation

Since I have the ability to listen to the correct pronunciation,
I can improve my pronunciation as a result!

improve your speaking
If you listen with your "English brain" without going through the Japanese filter,
you can save a lot of time to understand, and
you can understand quickly.
As your comprehension speeds up,
you can use your brain more to speak, so you can have smooth conversations!
broaden one's network of contacts
If you can catch English conversation smoothly,
naturally, the number of people you can talk to will increase and
your network will spread all over the world.

Voice of the monitor

I can do it even when I'm old

Mr. Ueshima (Early 80s)
I have always dreamed of speaking English, and I am continuing my studies without giving up.
Thanks to SPEAKUP, I think I've become able to read and write to some extent.

However, the most important thing is "English conversation". I wanted to overcome it, so I tried taking practice , but I couldn't understand what the teacher was saying, and I felt frustrated.

That's why I took this listening course, and to my surprise, I was able to understand sentences.

After taking the course, I tried practice again, and I was able to understand every word the teacher said and enjoyed the conversation.

Even an old me could do it!

I was able to converse with a foreigner

Mrs. Ochiai (Mid 60's)
I'm a cashier at a supermarket.
Foreign customers often come to visit us, but I hesitated to talk to them in English because I thought, "I can't understand what you're saying anyway."
I decided to take this course because I wanted to change myself.
As a result, it was a great answer!

I felt that the more I progressed through this course, the more words and sentences I could hear. At first, I could barely keep up with the "slow speaking speed", but now I am able to hear the "natural speed".
I am very surprised because the effect is amazing!

The other day, I had the courage to talk to a foreign customer. And I was able to understand what the other person was saying!
I really enjoyed taking the course!

Standard course

Teaching material content

・60 days course (plus 30 days extension benefit)

・Submission of assignments once every two days (30 corrections in total)


1. 10 line corrections + counseling + 6 live lessons

* Prices above include tax

Implementation content

Explanation of pictures in English

Answer questions in English

Write down what you want to say

Advance reservation benefits

Privilege 1
extra 10 tickets.

Privilege 2
PDF Teaching Materials